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We love animals and will look after your pets as if they were our own.  Contact Us today. Your pet will receive a mind blowing grooming experience that is stress-free.

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Our well equipped grooming department ensures your pet a enjoyable experience. Using the correct type of shampoo for all skin types is of utmost importance, as well as clean water, clean towels, clean combs and brushes.

Emerald Gold and TLC was initiated by a Bull Terrier breeder in Johannesburg.  He is a member of the PFI (Pet food Industry of South Africa) and is a judge for breeding shows throughout the country.  Emerald Gold and TLC have grown from year to year and in 9 years have become an incredibly successful brand country wide with majority in the Gauteng region. Happy to announce it’s arrival in Cape Town in February 2011.  PET ASSIST would like to introduce you to both a good quality dog food containing no artificial colourants or flavourants and has the presence of Omega 6:3 for a healthy and shiny coat.  All food is recognized by PFI (THE PET FOOD INDUSTRY ASSOCIATION OF SOUTH AFRICA)

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